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The Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare welcomes supporters from the corporate and philanthropic sectors. We are grateful to the many corporations, organisations and individuals who have already generously given time, funding or other support.

Policy and decision makers

The Institute aims to improve health care by better understanding the causes of, and solutions to, gaps between research evidence and its translation in practice. The effective translation of research into practice will contribute to the health and healthcare of Australians and influence health policy and improve global health outcomes.

We offer a range of contract research and advisory services and look forward to partnering with national as well as international policy and decision makers.

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Patients and consumers

Genuine patient involvement in making informed health decisions is a fundamental right. Our team is working on methods to improve healthcare through our deliberative democracy research to include shared decision-making and consumer involvement in research. We also know that often the people affected most by health policies and guidelines are not meaningfully consulted. When informed about the challenges of overdiagnosis and overtreatment, community members (those most directly affected by the health condition) may provide important and unique contributions to potential solutions. Our community engagement team researches methods to improve engagement and meaningful consultation with patients and the public through our deliberative democracy research.

Industry partners

Your business could commission a systematic review, contract research services or sponsor a research centre, research program, implementation project, or partner with our researchers to address the neglected problems in healthcare.

We are working with industry partners both within Australia and internationally to develop sponsorship programs and partnerships to design and implement translational research programs and projects, including: minimising antibiotic resistance, reducing overdiagnosis and overtreatmentevidence-informed health decisions, reducing waste in research, the Evidence-Based Practice Professorial UnitHANDI (Handbook of Non-Drug Interventions)TIDieR (the Template for Intervention Description and Replication checklist). developing shared decision making aids for clinicians and patients and so much more.

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We assist national and international health systems to provide appropriate care that is patient-centred and where the benefits and harms are weighed up, informed by evidence and enables patients to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences.

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We provide research and services that will help people think about providing sustainable, evidence-based healthcare and how research can greater influence policy and practice. You can have a stake in shaping sustainable, evidence-based healthcare globally!

We welcome the opportunity to meet with like-minded and value aligned philanthropists to join us on this vital journey!



The Institute delivers world-class research, engagement and training that serves as a national and international resource for scholars, clinicians, system leaders, patients and families in the implementation of evidence-based clinical care. Our research addresses four big, neglected problems in healthcare: antibiotic resistance, overdiagnosis, waste in research, and neglected non-pharmaceutical treatment. Our focus in these areas assists health systems to provide care that is patient-centred and informed by evidence, and enables patients to make decisions that are congruent with their values, preferences and circumstances.

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At the Institute we have a number of HDR opportunities available.

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Your support will give us greater ability to provide services that will help people provide and receive sustainable evidence-based healthcare and enable our research to continue to influence policy and practice. This support assists health systems to provide appropriate care that is patient-centred and where the benefits and harms are weighed up and informed by evidence. It will enable patients to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences. You can help improve the health and healthcare of Australians and improve global health outcomes!