Waste in medical research

We estimated that avoidable design flaws, non-publication, and inadequate reporting result in an over 85% avoidable waste, implying over $100 billion annual avoidable waste globally. We undertake research to understand and ameliorate many of these problems, but with focuses on (A) poor research reporting, particularly its consequences for non-pharmaceutical interventions; (B) development and evaluation of automation tools for evidence synthesis. We are one of 4 EQUATOR Centres.

We coordinate the International Collaboration for the Automation of Systematic Reviews (ICASR) with 50+ members from 8 countries and annual meetings: Vienna 2015, Philadelphia 2016, London 2017, the Hauge 2018 hosted by ZonMW, and Bergen 2019. This is supported by a $5M NHMRC CRE in Digital health (CREDiH) 2017-2021.

Waste at four stages of research

Top publications

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