HDR students

Dr Eman Abukmail 

Eman is completing her PhD on "Identifying optimal approaches to communicating natural history and prognosis information to facilitate informed decision making" under the supervision of Professor Tammy Hoffmann and Dr Mina Bakhit. She is also a medical doctor (MD), holding Masters of Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of Munich (LMU). 

 Email: eabukmail@bond.edu.au

Kwame Peprah Boaitey 

Kwame is a PhD student at the Centre for Research in Minimising Antibiotic Resistance in the Community (CRE-MARC). His PhD focuses on optimizing antibiotic use in primary health care under the supervision of Professor Tammy Hoffmann and Dr Mina Bakhit. He is a pharmacist and a global health professional who is passionate about antimicrobial resistance. He has vast experience in healthcare having worked as a consultant at the department of Global Coordination and Partnership at the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva where he supported the team in the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship programmes. He is also a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana) and has a Master’s degree in Global Health from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Email: kwamepeprah.boaitey@student.bond.edu.au


Ann Bryant

Ann is completing her Masters of Science by Research under the supervision of Associate Professor Rae Thomas and Assistant Professor Sharon Sanders.  Her research aims to develop, pilot and evaluate a model for involving patients and the public in the development of Australian clinical guidelines;  and, from these findings embed acceptable and feasible patient and public involvement strategies in the development of clinical practice guidelines. She completed her Master of Applied Science (Agriculture) at Charles Sturt University, Australia and Graduate Diploma of Psychology at Central Queensland University, Australia.    

Email: abryant@bond.edu.au

Justin Clark (PhD part-time)

Justin is completing his PhD (part-time) under the supervision of Professor Paul Glasziou, Assistant Prof Sharon Sanders and Associate Professor Elaine Beller. His research, titled “Improved systematic searching for improving systematic reviews”, aims to improve the speed and efficiency of conducting systematic reviews by creating an enhanced way of conducting a systematic searching workflow which will combine the most effective methods of searching with a range of Systematic Review Automation tools. Justin is also the Senior Research Information Specialist at the Institute. His work focuses on locating and retrieving information in a way that minimises workloads for research teams.  He has been working on developing tools and methods for the automation of systematic reviews. He has recently led a trial evaluating one of these tools by comparing human performance using them, to human performance not using them.

Email: jclark@bond.edu.au

Dominique Jones

Dominique is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Associate Professor Rae Thomas and Dr Loai Albarqouni. Her research focuses on the harms and benefits of young children who receive a mild autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.  She is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher and has experience in research from various postgraduate degrees. She completed her Master of Educational Leadership and Master of Teaching (Primary) at the University of Melbourne and post-graduate studies in Autism at Griffith University.   

Email: dominique.jones@student.bond.edu.au


Rhonda Morton

Rhonda’s professional background is in executive leadership of hospital and health services in Queensland and Western Australia.  She now works with the Bond University Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, and is engaged in a PhD (part-time) under the supervision of Professor Paul Glasziou and Associate Professor Rae Thomas.  Her research interests include evidence-based non-drug treatments, reducing un-necessary side effects of healthcare, and evidence-informed decision making by patients for their own healthcare journey.  Other interests include innovation and excellence in health service delivery, leadership, organisational design, and she provides private coaching for personal development.

Email: rmorton@bond.edu.au

Sujeewa Palagama

Sujeewa is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Paul Glasziou, Professor Stacy Carter and Associate Professor Katy Bell. His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence and the possibility of bias incorporated on AI based applications in relation to medicine.  With a clinical background of general surgical training and rural general practice Sujeewa works as a senior lecturer in medical education and completed his Master of Medical Research at Griffith University, Australia.

Email: spalagam@bond.edu.au

Rebecca Sims

Rebecca Sims is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Paul Glasziou and Associate Professor Rae Thomas.  Her research focuses on public and professional perceptions of labelling of health conditions and involves exploration of why labelling of health conditions is influential.  She has experience in researching osteoporosis, antibiotic resistance, alternatives to antibiotics, overdiagnosis, and stigma of psychological conditions.  Rebecca is a Clinical Psychology Registrar, and completed her Master of Psychology (Clinical) at Bond University, Australia.

Email: rsims@bond.edu.au

Research Students

Eman Abukmail (PhD) Identifying optimal approaches to communicating natural history and prognosis information to facilitate informed decision making. Professor Tammy Hoffmann and Dr Mina Bakhit
Elaine Beller (PhD part-time) Improving the usability of reports of systematic reviews. Professor Paul Glasziou
Kwame Boaitey (PhD) Optimizing antibiotic use in primary health care. Professor Tammy Hoffmann and Dr Mina Bakhit
Ann Bryant (Masters of Science by Research part-time) Does patient and public involvement make a good clinical practice guideline? Associate Professor Rae Thomas, Assistant Professor Sharon Sanders
Leila Cusack (PhD part-time)

Empowering Australians to make informed decisions about health interventions  through the development and evaluation of an educational intervention for school students. Professor Tammy Hoffmann

Justin Clark (PhD part-time) Improved systematic searching for improving systematic reviews. Supervisors: Paul Glasziou, Assistant Professor Sharon Sanders, Associate Professor Elaine Beller
Michelle Guppy (PhD) Chronic Kidney Disease in General Practice: Efficacy of screening, monitoring and management of risk factors for the prevention of end stage disease. Supervisors: Professors Paul Glasziou and Jenny Doust and Associate Professor Elaine Beller
Dominique Jones (PhD) The benefits and harms of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Should an early childhood diagnosis be written in pencil? Supervisors: Associate Professor Rae Thomas and Dr Loai Albarqouni
Rhonda Morton (PhD part-time) Drug-free interventions in healthcare: Exploring evidence-based treatments, public and clinician perspectives, and opportunities for change. Professor Paul Glasziou, Associate Professor Rae Thomas
Sujeewa Palagama (PhD)  Are artificial intelligence based diagnostic applications discriminatory in healthcare, and what can be done about it? Supervisor: Professor Paul Glasziou
Rebecca Sims (PhD) Public and professional perceptions of labelling: Exploration of labelling of health conditions and why labels hold power. Supervisors: Associate Professor Rae Thomas, Professor Paul Glasziou
2021 Thanya Pathirana Addressing overdiagnosis of prostate cancer in Australia: A study of prevalence and clinician characteristics and concerns. Supervisor: P. Glasziou,  J. Doust, K. Bell
2020 Hilda Bastian Shifting Evidence: Factors Affecting the Reliability of Systematic Reviews in Biomedicine. Supervisor: P. Glasziou
2020 Oyungerel Byambasuren Effectiveness of mHealth apps and their prescribability in general practice. Supervisors: P. Glasziou; T. Hoffmann; E. Beller
2020 Anggi Ranakusuma Oral corticosteroids as an alternative treatment for acute otitis media in children. Supervisors: C.B. Del Mar, E. Beller, A. McCullough
2019 Mina Bakhit Antibiotic resistance: patient-clinician communication and decision-making about antibiotic use in primary care. Supervisors: T.C. Hoffmann, C.B. del Mar
2019 Loai Albarqouni Challenges and Solutions for Educating Clinicians in Contemporary Evidence-Based Practice. Supervisors: P.P. Glasziou, T.C. Hoffmann
2018 Gina Cleo Maintaining Weight Loss: A Look at Habits. Co-supervisors: R.L. Thomas, P.P. Glasziou
2018 Jaimon Kelly Lifestyle management in Chronic Kidney Disease: telehealth strategies for effective self-management
2017 Bridget Abell The provision and delivery of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation in Australia: concordant with best research evidence? Supervisors: T.C. Hoffmann, P.P. Glasziou
2017 Peter Coxeter Towards shared decision making: exploring new ways of communicating evidence to patients about benefits and harms of antibiotics for acute respiratory infections. Supervisors: T.C. Hoffmann, C.B. del Mar
2017 Emily Haynes Developing consensus on the strategic priorities for the prevention of obesity amongst the Australian population. Associate supervisor: P.P. Glasziou
2017 Kate Odgers-Jewell Exploring the attributes of group-based education for the management of chronic diseases, focusing on type 2 diabetes mellitus. Co-supervisor: R.L. Thomas
2017 John Rathbone Automating Systematic Reviews. Supervisors: P.P. Glasziou, T.C. Hoffmann, E.M. Beller
2016 Ray Moynihan Preventing Overdiagnosis. Supervisors: P.P. Glasziou, J.A. Doust
2016 Sharon Sanders Clinical prediction rules for assisting diagnosis. Supervisors: J.A. Doust, P.P. Glasziou
2015 Cherie Hugo The Lantern Project: Illuminating the value of nutrition in older Australians. Associate supervisor: C.B. del Mar
2015 Vini Simas Effects of surfing on bone. Associate supervisors: P.P. Glasziou, C.B. del Mar
2014 Gerben Keijzers An evaluation of the impact of the tertiary survey in trauma patients who are admitted to hospital. Supervisor: C.B. del Mar
Bridget Abell
  • Bond University 3-Minute Thesis Competition, Winner, October 2014
  • "Best Exercise and Physical Activity Paper Award" and the "People’s Choice Award" at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association, September 2014
Loai Albarqouni
  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship
  • ANZAHPE (Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Editors) post-graduate student prize, 2018
  • DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship for a short-term research grant, which is a competitive grant provided for outstanding foreign doctoral candidates and postdoctoral academics and scientists to carry out research in collaboration with German institutions, 2018
  • Australian Epidemiological Association (AEA) Student Conference Award, AEA Annual Scientific Meeting, September 2016
Mina Bakhit
  • PhD stipend funded by NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Minimising Antibiotic Resistance from Acute Respiratory Infections (CREMARA) grant, 2015-2018
  • Best Poster Presentation at Bond University, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Higher Degree Research Conference, October 2016
Oyungerel (Oyuka) Byambasuren
  • Vice Chancellor's Doctoral Award in recognition of an exceptional doctoral thesis 2021
  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship
  • QLD FameLab semi-finalist 2018 and 2019
  • QLD Falling Walls Lab finalist 2019
  • Bond University 3-Minute Thesis Competition: People's Choice Award 2016 and 2018; Runner-up 2018
Justin Clark
  • HLA Digital Health Innovation Award 2019
  • ALIA Health Libraries Australia Digital Health Innovation Award, July 2019
  • HLA/Medical Director Digital Health Innovation Award for "The Polyglot Search Translator (PST): a tool for translating search strategies: phase 3", April 2018
  • Anne Harrison Award, April 2018
Gina Cleo
  • Bond University Scholarship
  • Bond University 3-Minute Thesis Competition, Runner up, August 2016
Peter Coxeter
  • "Best of the Best Award" and "Best PhD/Hons Student Podium Award", Gold Coast Health and Medical Research Conference, December 2015
Leila Cusack
  • Bond University Scholarship
Ray Moynihan
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor Research Scholarship, 2012-2015
  • Bond University 3-Minute Thesis Competition, People's Choice Award, October 2014
Thanya Pathirana
  • Bond University Scholarship
  • Early Career Researcher Workshop Award, Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA), AEA Annual Scientific Meeting, September 2016
  • Student Conference Award, Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA), 2015 and 2016
Respati (Anggi) Ranakusuma
  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship
Rebecca Sims
  • Bond University Scholarship
  • Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship, 2019-2022
  • Finalist: Preventing Overdiagnosis 2019 Conference Student Challenge
  • "Best Ignite (Oral) Presentation", HSM 2020 Medical and Postgraduate Students Research Conference: Fostering healthcare innovations & resilience.