The Institute delivers world-class research, engagement and training that serves as a national and international resource for scholars, clinicians, system leaders, patients and families in the implementation of evidence-based clinical care.

The effective integration of research into practice will contribute to the health and healthcare of Australians and influence health policy, improve global health outcomes and continue to enhance Bond University as a leading private and independent University The Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare was previously known as the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CREBP) established in June 2010.

The transition from Centre to Institute, gives us greater ability to provide services that will help people think about providing sustainable, evidence-based healthcare and how research can greater influence policy and practice. The transition will also help us to increase our impact, partnerships and translational project opportunities in addition to the development of new educational programs.

Our research focus will continue to address big, neglected problems in healthcare and assist Health Systems to provide appropriate care that is patient-centred and where the benefits and harms are weighed up, informed by evidence and enables patients to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences.

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