International visitors

International visitors

The institute hosts a number of renowned international visitors each year. These stays can be short term or up to 6 month research sabbaticals. These visits result in many engaging conversations and collaborations with our international colleagues, bringing a diversity of ideas and input to our projects. 


During my two-month visit at the Institute of Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University, I had the opportunity to network with internationally recognized researchers and to learn more about evidence-based practice. It was a very rewarding experience, everyone I met at the Bond University was very welcoming and friendly. I was invited to take part in seminars and meetings as well as some of the research activities. I normally work as a GP and a PhD student in Sweden. My research focuses on antibiotic treatment and antibiotic resistance in Swedish primary health care. When I now return to Sweden, I will bring back all my new experiences from the Institute and new knowledge from meetings with researchers working there. I can warmly recommend the Institute of Evidence-Based Healthcare for a research visit. Make sure to take some for days off, the Gold Coast surroundings are wonderful with fantastic beaches and beautiful rainforests.

Helena Kornfält Isberg Research Student, Lund University, Sweden



  • Prof Malcolm MacLeod Professor of Neurology and Translational Neuroscience, The University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Jeremy Howick - Director, Oxford Empathy Programme, Nuffield Department of Primary Health Sciences, UK
  • Prof Sharon Straus - Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto
  • Julia Beckhaus Public Health/Health Sciences Student at University of Bremen