International Society for Evidence-Based Healthcare (ISEHC)

Why a Society for Evidence-Based Health Care?

Those practicing and teaching Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) have felt a need to belong to some wider group for communication (conference, journal, listserv, etc) with other EBMers working in the area, but do not feel adequately served by any of the current organisations. There is also a need for a recognised organisation that can lobby for curricula change, funding, etc.


The mission of the International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care is to develop and encourage research in evidence-based health care and to promote and provide professional and public education in the field.


The society is inspired by a vision to be a world-wide platform for interaction and collaboration among practitioners, teachers, researchers and the public to promote EBHC. The intent is to provide support to frontline clinicians making day-to-day decisions, and to those who have to develop curricula and teach EBHC.

Key objectives of the society

  1. To develop and promote professional and public education regarding EBHC
  2. To develop, promote, and coordinate international programs through national/international collaboration

  3. To develop educational materials for facilitating workshops to promote EBHC

  4. To assist with and encourage EBHC-related programs when requested by an individual national/regional organization.

  5. To advise and guide on fundraising skills in order that national foundations and societies are enabled to finance a greater level and range of activities.

  6. To participate in, and promote programs for national, regional and international workshops regarding EBCP.

  7. To foster the development of an international communications system for individuals and organizations working in EBHC-related areas.

  8. To improve the evidence systems within which health care workers practice. 

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