About us

The Evidence-Based Practice Professorial Unit (EBBPU) is a joint initiative between Bond University and the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services. The integration of best evidence into routine clinical care is essential to improving patient outcomes and ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of health services. Our aim is to educate, facilitate and inspire healthcare workers to become active users, participators and leaders in research and evidence-based practice.


Professor David Henry

David is a physician and clinical epidemiologist with extensive experience of investigating the benefits and harms of prescription medicines in the Australian community. Email: dhenry@bond.edu.au

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Associate Professor Magnolia Cardona

Magnolia is a medical epidemiologist with experience in population health research focusing on geriatrics and reducing overtreatment near the end-of-life.  Email: mcardona@bond.edu.au

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Dr Paulina Stehlik

Paulie is a trained pharmacist and data scientist with expertise in treaching, evidence-based practice, and its application to common clinical problems.  Email: pstehlik@bond.edu.au

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Associate Professor Mark Jones

Mark is a biostatistician with experience in teaching biostatistics and conducting clinical trials and systematic reviews. Email: majones@bond.edu.au

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Honorary Adjunct Assistant Professor Zoe Michaleff

Zoe is a physiotherapist with experience in the evidence-based diagnosis, prognosis, and sustainable management of musculoskeletal conditions across the life course. Email: zmichale@bond.edu.au

Iris Gerke

Iris is the Research Administrative Officer for the EBBPU.

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What we do

Workshops and research support

The EBPPU offers support for Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service District staff to attend workshops aimed at providing them with EBP and research skills and knowledge. In addition, the unit also offers individual consultations for researchers on their projects.

Evidence-based practice workshops

This workshop provides fundamental skills in Evidence Based Practice (EBP). It is aimed at busy clinicians who want to learn how to effectively search and evaluate evidence to answer clinical questions.

This includes creating answerable questions using PICO, how to critically appraise the quality of the evidence found, understanding the statistics, and applying findings to every-day practice. No previous EBP or research experience is required.

In addition, we also offer 1-hour PICO sessions.

Please contact us to discuss your department needs EBP_Unit@bond.edu.au

Other workshops

The EBBPU also offers support to attend other workshops presented at the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare at Bond University. These workshops include online as well as face-to-face workshops in the following areas: protocol development, systematic reviews, knowledge translation, etc. Please visit our events page for more information.

Research and other consultations

The EBP Professorial Unit offers individual consultations to assist hospital-based researchers with designing research studies, seed funding and grant applications.

Consultations are available for those who have research experience or those who have completed the EBP workshops.

Consultations booking: EBP_Unit@bond.edu.au

Journal clubs

The EBPPU runs Covid-19 related journal clubs on a monthly basis. Anyone interested in attending any of the Journal Clubs need to join the EBPPU channel and will then receive information about upcoming journal clubs as well as calendar invites to each journal club. Past notes and annotated PDFs of previously reviewed articles can also be accessed via this link in Sharepoint. Members also have the opportunity to propose articles.

Collaboration with Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services

The unit continue to successfully work with existing collaborators at the Gold Coast Health Service and extend the network of collaborations by working on various projects, including the success in the GCH Grant Scheme:

  1. P. Stehlik, R. Bourke, D. Henry, C. Brandenburg, C. Noble, C. Whithers, A. Barnett, S. Mickan, P. Glasziou, A. Bannach-Brown, D. Ellwood, D. Pearson, E. Veysey, G. Keijzers, G. Wright, H. Joshi, I. Scott, K. Forrest, M. Morgan and R. Liang. Enhancing Clinician Research: A Mixed Methods Study Examining Australian and New Zealand Specialist Trainees’ Experiences and Research Outputs. 2020 Collaborative Research Grant Scheme $99,052.
  2. G. Keijzers, A. Brand, Z. Michaleff, P. Glasziou, L. Hattingh, P. StehlikD. Henry, S. Mickan, R. Thomas, H. Larsen and J. Carlini. Easier Study - Evaluating the Use of Clinical Decision Aids in the Emergency Department: Phase 1 of a Knowledge Translation Project. 2020 Collaborative Research Grant Scheme $29,240.
  3. R. Wenke, S. Mickan, J. Wiseman, P. Stehlik, C. Brandenburg, D. Chen, K. Richards, G. Tuxworth, I. Hughes, J. Yeung and J. Gerrard. Spread of a Structured Journal Club Format into Clinical Services Using We-Treat (“Web-Based Expert System” for “Tailoring Research Evidence and Theory”): A Knowledge Translation Approach. 2020 Collaborative Research Grant Scheme $68,596.
  4. C. Brandenburg, S. Mickan, P. Stehlik, C. Noble, R. Lian, G. Keijzers, G. Shane, I. Hughes, K. Dungey, R.J. Wenke, J. Wellwood. INGRAINED: Increasing GCH Research Activity In New and Experienced Doctors: A Knowledge Translation study. 2019. Collaborative Research Grant Scheme $80,000.

Other collaborators