About us

Integrity. Impact. Innovation.

Our research focus will continue to address big, neglected problems in healthcare and assist health systems to provide appropriate care that is patient-centred and where the benefits and harms are weighed up, informed by evidence and enables patients to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences.

Our statement


Addressing big, neglected problems in healthcare.


The Institute will continue to deliver world-class research, engagement and training that will serve as a national and international resource for scholars, clinicians, system leaders, patients and families in the implementation of evidence-based clinical care. The effective integration of research into practice will contribute to the health and healthcare of Australians and influence health policy, improve global health outcomes and continue to enhance Bond University as a leading private and independent University.

Our purpose

  • To undertake research that more closely aligns evidence and patient care.
  • To support and extend collaborations between clinicians and health researchers to achieve better value care.
  • To enable patients and families to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences.
  • To lead and facilitate the teaching and learning of evidence-based practice.
  • To develop young researchers for research programs in sustainable health care.

Our awards

Our team

Professor Paul Glaziou

Prof Paul Glasziou

Paul’s key interests include identifying and removing the barriers to using high quality research in everyday clinical practice.
Prof Chris Del Mar

Prof Chris Del Mar

Professor of Public Health
Chris is an academic GP. He teaches evidence-based practice and shared decision making.
Tammy Hoffmann

Prof Tammy Hoffman

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Tammy's research spans many aspects of evidence-based practice, shared decision making, knowledge translation, and minimising waste in research.
David Henry

David Henry

Professor GCUH
David is Professor of Evidence-Based Practice as well as Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto and holds a Conjoint Chair at the University of Newcastle, Australia.
Rae Thomas

Dr Rae Thomas

Associate Professor
Dr Rae Thomas is a Psychologist with over 20 years’ clinical experience providing psychological interventions to children and families.
Raymond Moynihan

Raymond Moynihan

Assistant Professor
Ray recently won a prestigious NHMRC Early Career Fellowship and is a chief investigator within the NHMRC-funded Wiser Healthcare.
Magnolia Cardona

Magnolia Cardona

Associate Professor
Magnolia is a health services researcher with a passion for ensuring high quality care of disadvantaged populations.

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