Initiatives such as the International Scientific Conferences on Preventing Overdiagnosis and Bond University’s Sustainability of Healthcare Awards are also wonderful opportunities to get involved! We are also working with industry partners both within Australia and internationally to develop sponsorship programs and partnerships to design and implement translational research programs and projects.

  • Providing patients and families with knowledge to make informed decisions
  • Hosting community juries (empowering communities to consider issues and develop recommendations and proposals)
  • New reform aims to prevent overdiagnosis and stop defining healthy people as diseased
  • Evidence checks
  • Contract research
  • Advisory Services
  • Research & Education
  • Shared decision making
  • Consumer engagement
  • Minimising low value care
  • Reducing overdiagnosis & overtreatment

Systematic reviews are considered highest-level evidence to underpin clinical decisions, guidelines, and policy decisions because they synthesise all of existing evidence that answers a specific question, using methods that are transparent and reproducible

Case study – 2 week systematic review:

Systematic reviews are time- and resource-intensive to produce, taking on average 45 weeks to complete, and typically requiring 5 or more personnel. We recently developed and successfully piloted a process for significantly accelerating this timeline by integrating the use of Systematic Review Automation tools with the expertise of 4 experienced systematic reviewers (two researcher clinicians, an information specialist, an epidemiologist) to complete a full systematic review in less than 2 weeks.


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