Externally commissioned workshops that meet your needs

We can provide you and your team with a choice of in-house workshops to meet your specific needs. We conduct short discussions to identify priorities and key learning messages, and then adapt our content and exercises accordingly.

Our areas of expertise include.

This workshop provides an introduction to systematic reviews and is aimed at clinicians and researchers who want to understand how to use and conduct a systematic review. It covers the structure of a systematic review, how to critically appraise the quality of a review, search strategies, and interpreting the results of a systematic review.


  • To understand the need for systematic (rather than unsystematic) reviews
  • To understand the advantages and dangers of meta-analysis
  • To be able to critically appraise a systematic review
  • To be able to interpret the different types of plots and statistical outputs of meta-analyses

This 3-day workshop is aimed towards

  • practising clinicians, healthcare administrators, healthcare leaders or academics interested in learning how to take evidence from their desktop to the real-world;
  • healthcare teams charged with rolling out evidence-based interventions, who are unsure how to do it in a structured and evidence-based way or
  • practitioners implementing a healthcare change who are unsure how best to evaluate the outcomes.

In this workshop you will learn how to complete a Knowledge Translation project from start to finish by:

1. Defining the behaviour you need to change.
2. Identifying the reasons people may or may not change in the way you want.
3. Matching these barriers and facilitators to a psychological framework.
4. Using the psychological framework to identify the strategies needed to bring about change.
5. Planning how to will run the project using a logic model.
6. Choosing appropriate evaluation methods.
7. Adapting what you have planned to the local context to increase your likelihood of success.

This two-day workshop is designed to take researchers from a research question to a complete study protocol. It is aimed at newer researchers who have a good understanding of evidence-based practice and study design, and are now ready to design their own research project. Study designs suitable to bring to this workshop include randomised trials, cohort studies (prospective or retrospective), case-control studies, and surveys.

The EQUATOR Network’s flagship Publication School, developed by the UK EQUATOR Centre at the University of Oxford, is engaging in Australia! Join the Australasian EQUATOR Centre at Bond University. This two-day workshop aims to develop essential writing skills to help achieve success in planning, writing, publishing, and communication research through traditional journals and other channels.

Learning outcomes:

  • Hands-on writing exercises for key sections of a research article
  • Using reporting guidelines such as CONSORT and STROBE to optimize the usability of your research
  • Finding the right journal and navigating editorial systems
  • Giving and receiving constructive peer review

Evidence-Based Practice: Navigating the evidence maze: better searching, sifting and critical analysis and interpretation of research evidence, and translation of research evidence into practice

Evidence-Based Practice is the cornerstone of an effective an efficient clinical practice and healthcare system. This one-day workshop provides clinicians and researchers with fundamental skills in evidence-based practice, including skills in:

  • converting clinical scenarios into clear answerable clinical questions;
  • efficiently find research evidence to answer these questions;
  • critically appraise the trustworthiness of research evidence;
  • accurately interpret and communicate research evidence; and
  • incorporating patients’ values and preference in clinical decision making.

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