Contract and Advisory Services

Our work covers a wide range of services, programs and activities that address big, neglected problems in healthcare. The Institute delivers world-class research, engagement and training and serves as a national and international resource for health system leaders, industry partners, scholars, clinicians, patients and families in the implementation of evidence-based clinical care.

  • Evidence checks. Accelerated automated systematic reviews that provide a concise summary of evidence to answer specific questions.

  • Contract research. Research support services, expert panel review of research grant proposals and evidence review of treatments.

  • Advisory services. Evidence-based practice advice to inform health service planning, reviews of guidelines and policies.

  • Research and translation. Coaching and support services to develop and deliver research translation projects.

  • Shared decision making. Developing and testing decision aids for patients and clinicians.

  • Consumer engagement. Facilitating community juries and consultations to help inform decisions and service planning.

  • Minimising low value care. Preventing unnecessary treatments, maximising the use of non-drug interventions and deprescribing at the end of life.

  • Reducing overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Reducing unnecessary screening and testing & implementing evidence-based practice.

  • Education. Tailoring education services to build research capacity and healthcare innovation.