Our funding

The institute has a number of avenues of funding which contributes to our research efforts. Team members are also involved in a number of projects in non-funded grants as chief investigators.

Current Grants

Centres of Research Excellence

  1. Centre of Research Excellence in Minimising Antibiotic Resistance in the Community (CRE-MARC): $2,499,728.50 (27/11/18—31/10/23)
  2. CREDiH: Centre for Research Excellence in Digital Health: $2,498,649 (5/2/18—31/10/22)
  3. Centre of Research Excellence on Women and Non-communicable Diseases (CRE WaND): prevention, detection, and management: $2,495,848 (1/5/19—30/4/24)
  4. Australia & New Zealand Musculoskeletal Clinical Trials Network; $2,497,653 (1/7/17—30/6/22)
  5. Testing, Translation and Uptake of Evidence in General Practice: A systems approach to rapid translation; $2,411,049 (1/6/16—31/5/21)
  6. Creating sustainable healthcare: ensuring new diagnostics avoid harms, improve outcomes, and direct resources wisely; $2,497,658 (1/5/16—30/4/21)

Program Grant

  1. Using healthcare wisely: Reducing inappropriate use of tests and treatments; $9,578,895 (1/1/17—31/12/21)

Project Grants

  1. Reducing non-beneficial treatment at end-of-life: $504,187 (1/4/18—30/9/21)
  2. Reducing antibiotic use in primary care: A randomised trial to evaluate the effectiveness of decision aids about antibiotic use for acute respiratory infections; $325,500 (1/6/17—31/5/20)
  3. M-PreM study: Reproductive factors, from menarche to pre-menopause, and the risk of cardiometabolic and respiratory conditions before menopause; $1,366 831 (1/1/17—31/12/20)
  4. Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Editorial Group; $368,086 (1/7/17—30/6/20)
  5. Monitoring changes in CT scanning usage to minimise cancer risk: $604,664 (22/8/18—31/12/20)

  6. Physical activity coaching for adults with physical disabilities: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial: $1,371,184 (10/7/18—31/12/21)


  1. Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability; $5,250,000 (1/7/17—30/6/22)

  2. Effectiveness of Imaging Pathways for Cardiovascular Disease Epidemics of the Elderly, $328,650 (27/9/18—30/11/20)

Professor Paul Glasziou

NHMRC Australia Fellowship: Increasing value, reducing waste from incomplete or unusable reports of medical research: (1/7/15—31/12/19)

Professor Tammy Hoffmann

NHMRC Research Fellowship: Using shared decision making to improve the appropriateness of healthcare for individuals and the system (1/1/19—31/12/23)

Associate Professor Claudia Dobler

NHMRC Research Fellowship: An integrated approach to improving patient-centred care in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (4/3/19—31/12/20)

Assistant Professor Ray Moynihan

NHMRC Early Career Fellowship: Preventing Overdiagnosis: A research programme to investigate and respond to the health impacts of expanding disease definitions and lowering diagnostic thresholds (1/3/17—31/12/20)


  1. Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service: Gold Coast Hospital Conjoint Program in Evidence Based Practice; $1,000,000 (1/7/15—31/12/20)

Commonwealth Government Innovation Connections Grant

Dr Gina Cleo: Habit change interventions for long-term weight management

2019 HSM Early Career Researcher Seed Grant

Dr Paulina Stehlik: Pharmacist referral to general practice: unexplored territory in reducing antibiotic resistance 

Alexandra Bannach-Brown: Improving the reporting quality in systematic review abstracts: an automation tool to aid authors (AutoAbstract-SR)

Previous grants

Centres of Research Excellence

  1. Centre for Research Excellence in E-health; $2,499,870 - (1/1/12—31/12/17)
  2. Centre for Research Excellence in Minimising Antibiotic Resistance for Acute Respiratory Infections; $2,454,998 (total); $2,377,280 (Bond) - (1/11/12—31/10/18)
  3. Centre for Research Excellence in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infection: $2,495,705 (1/01/12-31/12/16)

Project Grants

  1. Can a brief early intervention prevent depression and help people live with aphasia a year after stroke? $1,270,185 (1/01/14-31/12/18)

  2. Multimedia patient education for prevention of in-hospital falls $401,214 (2007-2011)??

Program Grant

  1. STEP: Screening and Test Evaluation Program: improving the evaluation and use of tests for screening, diagnosis and monitoring in healthcare $8,915,000 (1/1/11—30/06/16)

Partnership Project

  1. Implementing guidelines to routinely prevent chronic disease in general practice; $744,489 (2010—2013)
  2. Evidence innovation: transforming the efficiency of systematic review; $928,416.50 (2016—2018)


  1. Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Editorial Group: $478,125 (1/7/13—31/3/19)
  2. Cochrane Acute Respiratory Review Group: $300,000 (1/7/09—30/6/13)
  3. Standalone internet anxiety treatment for stuttering: A randomised trial $516,338.80 (16/6/16—30/6/19)
  1. National Hearth Foundation of Australia: Guide to the management of hypertension update $156,363 (14/10/13—31/12/14)
  2. Department of Health: Antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention and control practices $102,140 (1/7/15—30/6/16)
  3. National Health Service: Monitoring long term conditions in primary care: $3,837,585 (1/1/14—31/12/18)
  4. Australian Rotary Health: TOTS: Tuning in to Toddlers: A randomised controlled trial of a program for parents of toddlers $198.056 (11/2/15—31/12/18)

Professor Paul Glasziou

NHMRC Australia Fellowship: (1/7/10—31/12/15)

Professor Tammy Hoffmann

NHMRC Career Development Fellowship: Secondary stroke prevention: strategies to narrow the gap between evidence and practice (2011-2014)